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The Sacrifices of the Leader

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The Sacrifices of the Leader


Forget the notion that you will be idolized, universally admired and richly rewarded. When you choose to become a leader, you are choosing a road plagued with failure, disappointment, confusion and resentment. Your best decisions will be mocked, your friends will abandon you and loneliness will become your constant companion. Others will take credit for your work and you will be blamed for their failures. Still interested? I hope so because you have never been needed more.  But get ready to make some sacrifices….Gregg Thompson shares The Sacrifices of the Leader.
Gregg Thompson is a facilitator, coach and speaker with a passion for developing the greatness in individuals and organizations. He is the author of several books, including The Master Coach and as president of Bluepoint Leadership Development, he leads a talented group of worldwide professionals who design and deliver challenging educational experiences that accelerate the natural development of leaders. Gregg welcomes your comments by email: greggthompson@bluepointleadership.com.

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