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The Key to Powerful Leadership Communication


Those who are new to leadership often function primarily as information brokers. They spend an enormous amount of time and effort gathering information, synthesizing it and providing it to others. Unfortunately, people don’t need more information. They need more perspective and meaning. What they really need is more leadership.

When the true leader speaks, things happen. In this video, Gregg Thompson, Founder of Bluepoint Leadership Development, dispels the myths about communication, identifies the difference between leadership communication and management communication, and then shares three dimensions that leaders can use so that their words will make a difference. One voice, your voice, can make a difference…when The Leader Speaks.

6 Responses to “The Key to Powerful Leadership Communication”

  • Terri Eppert

    I really appreciated the thought of connecting on a personal level. Grasping and keeping attention is hard when you are speaking of numbers and projections! Bringing it in at a different level will definitely keep the audience focused on the matter at hand, Thank you

  • Vicky Hashina Manning Davis

    As I am currently in studies and developing a Personal and Professional Development Plan for my staff members the Video is an excellent source of information.

  • henry hansen

    I liked the passion piece and talking to the future. Retail is changing so much and it’s the need to embrace new ideas in order to be successful in the years to come. Great ideas to get me opening my mind for new ways to motivate our people

  • violeta robles

    very helpful material for focus on one priority of leadership i think communication is the base

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