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Five Practices to Improve Execution


Great leaders get things done! Improving the ability for a team or organization to execute well should be on every leader’s agenda.  Bluepoint’s video, Five Practices to Improve Execution, offers leaders five powerful ways to distinguish themselves as a leader who can execute and lead execution.

Great ideas are worthless without great execution. Bluepoint’s Excellence in Execution 90-minute workshop is part of The Leadership Express Series – six brief, yet highly impactful workshops designed to provide participants with leadership practices, tools and methodologies that they can immediately use back on the job. The workshops are designed to be delivered by internal trainers or facilitators using the accompanying detailed facilitator’s guide.

3 Responses to “Five Practices to Improve Execution”

  • Annie wright

    The key for me to all of this is ensuring every project/task is ‘vital’ to the organization. It elevates all colleagues within a company/business and encourages employees to contribute more.

  • Ravi Prasad

    The gap between the Strategy and Execution is the leader’s ‘route-map’ to navigate with speed & perfection. Well articulated one.

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