Make your Programs:

  • Highly Experiential
    Participant involvement is at the core of all Bluepoint’s workshops
  • Highly Impactful
    Astounding courses which encourage learning and deep questioning during and well after the completion of the program
  • Highly Engaging
    Connect with your participants at a level where no topic is off grounds, this is the power of engagement.


Partnering with Bluepoint

Many of the finest leadership programs in use today have been created by our clients in partnership with us. Whether a single experiential learning session, a series of high-potential workshops or a multi-year, cohort-based leadership academy, we design programs that equip participants to significantly increase their leadership effectiveness in areas that will provide the most benefit for their teams and organizations.

Challenging & Engaging

Our programs are always challenging and engaging…and will test the capabilities of the most seasoned leaders. We work at all organization levels, from emerging leaders to senior executives, tailoring our programs to support the unique competencies and values of our client organizations. We are particularly good at creating programs that are directly related to the most exciting opportunities and daunting challenges that our clients are currently facing.

Tools that get results

Using proven, impactful tools such as story-telling, action learning, real-time experientials and 360 assessments, we produce programs that have an immediate and lasting impact of the participants’ performance as leaders.

The Best of Bluepoint's Core Workshops

We always seamlessly imbed the best of our core leadership training methodologies into programs we design for clients. These very powerful methodologies, directed at high payoff areas such as authenticity, coaching, innovation, communication and emotional intelligence, are simply the best available today and serve to dramatically accelerate the design process.