Most leadership happens one conversation at a time.

As part of the Leadership Express Series, The Powerful Coaching Conversation, Part 1 and Part 2 are two workshops that focus entirely on the idea that “most leadership happens one conversation at a time.”

Great leadership is not confined to boardroom presentations or annual meetings. It happens in hallways and on telephone calls. It happens in cubicles and over lunch. It happens in project status meetings and in routine one-on-one discussions … one conversation at a time.

These workshops are designed to be delivered internally, and all come complete with a Facilitator Guide, a Presentation Slide Deck, and optional virtual facilitator training.

The Powerful Coaching Conversation - Part 1

This workshop is a highly-experiential, hands-on, practical development experience designed to help the participants enhance the quality of their day-to-day conversations by equipping them to be coach-like in all of their interactions with others. They will learn potent, practical skills they can use immediately to make all of their conversations more impactful.

The Powerful Coaching Conversation - Part 2

This workshop has been designed to help participants increase their ability to engage in coaching conversations that have a significant, positive impact on others. An important theme of this workshop is that leaders need to move beyond simply giving counsel, advice and direction in their conversations if they want to help others perform at their best and accelerate their career development.