Bluepoint coaches challenge clients to significantly lift their game as leaders.

We are true to the core principles underlying all of our coach training programs; namely, we see the very best leadership talent and potential in our clients. We confront clients with this perspective, and we hold them accountable to make the personal changes necessary to become the best possible leaders they can be for their teams and organizations.

Key Benefits of working with a Bluepoint coach:

  • Our extensive range of coaching services provides our clients with the option of selecting the assignment that best fits their needs and budget.
  • Clients can select any available coach from our cadre of outstanding leadership coaches, and a “good-fit” no obligation call is available to confirm a suitable working relationship.
  • All Bluepoint coaches are experts in advanced leadership practices and have deep experience in one-on-one coaching.

1.Rapid-action Coaching

This features on-demand access to a pool of highly-talented leadership coaches who are experts in providing practical coaching for the successful execution of current projects. Rapid-Action Coaching is designed to provide the client with coaching that can have an immediate impact and includes:

  • six virtual coaching sessions,
  • a three month assignment,
  • a first call appointment made within 48 hours, and
  • your selection from a pool of coaches.

Rapid-Action Coaching is suitable for individual contributors and for all levels of management from line managers to C-suite executives.

2.Personal Impact Coaching

In these personalized coaching assignments, selected managers and individual contributors are matched with skilled coaches who will help them lift their leadership to new levels. This coaching is focused strictly on outcomes such as, “What does the client need to do to have a bigger impact on the issues most important to their team and organization (e.g. engagement, alignment, agility, innovation)?” Personal Impact Coaching includes:

  • access to a pool of highly-talented leadership coaches who have all been pre-approved by the enterprise,
  • an initial “good-fit” call,
  • coach interviews with sponsors and/or key stakeholders,
  • an initial three-hour, in-person session to set objectives and expectations for what success will look like at the conclusion of the assignment,
  • a full suite of assessments selected according to need,
  • ten personal one-hour coaching sessions,
  • a six to nine month duration, and
  • mid-term and full-term progress reports from the client to their sponsors/stakeholders.

Personal Impact Coaching is suitable for individual contributors and mid-level leaders

3.Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching provides senior level clients with a six-month, retainer-based coaching program that is tailored to their specific needs. A highly-experienced Bluepoint Master Coach will be available over the course of the program to do one thing – help the client dramatically accelerate his or her development as a strategic organization leader. Clients are challenged to do a deep self-examination, to seriously consider multiple sources of feedback, to adopt high-impact leadership practices, and to make the personal changes necessary to step up to a whole new level of performance as an executive leader. This coaching process requires clients to make a significant commitment in time and energy. While all assignments are focused on the individual’s specific needs, a typical one includes:

  • an initial “good-fit” call,
  • a full-day meeting during which the coach will help the client prepare for a demanding process
    of assessment, exploration, action planning and execution,
  • a full suite of assessments, personality indicators, and values identifiers,
  • a series of weekly coaching conversations which address ways the leader can incorporate new, advanced leadership practices into his or her day-to-day interactions with others,
  • client “shadowing” when appropriate, and
  • a six month duration.

Executive Leadership Coaching is suitable for high-potentials, senior management and C-suite executives.

4.Leadership Assessment Coaching

This provides clients with the opportunity to receive direct, relevant feedback via one of Bluepoint’s four highly-regarded 360 assessments and to engage with a leadership coach in order to interpret the feedback and apply the learning from the results. Leadership Assessment Coaching includes:

  • access to any of Bluepoint’s four 360 assessments; namely, the Leader as Coach Inventory (LCI), the Leadership Emotional Intelligence Assessment (LEQ), the Leadership Essentials Inventory (LEI) and the Leadership Feedback Report (LFR), as well as
  • two personal coaching sessions with a Bluepoint Leadership coach. The first session will help the client interpret the report and internalize the feedback. The second session will focus on creating an action plan that will help the client apply the learning from the feedback they received.

Leadership Assessment Coaching is suitable for all individual contributors and managers.

5.Learning Application Coaching

Following a Bluepoint training workshop, graduates of our workshop programs have the option of engaging in three Learning Application Coaching sessions with a Bluepoint Leadership coach. This coach will help them identify and execute possible actions the graduate can take to immediately apply their most important personal learning to their day-to-day work. The primary objective of the first coaching session is to help workshop graduates create ambitious leadership development plans; the second is to find ways to accelerate the change process; and the third session is to develop an action plan for the graduate to commit to sustained new leadership habits. Results show that application coaching is one of the most effective tools to help workshop graduates apply the learning back in the workplace and transform their new skills into habits.

Learning Application Coaching is suitable for graduates of any learning workshop or event.