Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization committed to clinical practice, education and research, and providing expert, whole-person care to everyone who needs healing. Every year, more than a million people from the United States and nearly 150 other countries come to Mayo Clinic for care. With a deep history of values-based leadership, the core guiding light is, and always has been, providing the highest standard of care for the patient. This singular focus on patient care guides every action at Mayo and informs the leadership development strategy. Against a backdrop of health care reform, increased pressure from insurers, medical technology and research advancements, the challenges of leading in the health care sector are complex and many. Combine this with a growing number of senior physicians and administrators nearing retirement and the focus on leadership, effective succession planning and knowledge transfer becomes more important than ever.

In January 2013, Mayo partnered with Bluepoint Leadership Development to launch a custom version of the Leader as Coach program. Participants were immersed in a two-day Leader as Coach workshop, received a personal 360 Leadership Coaching Inventory report (LCI360) and were assigned a personal leadership coach to continue their development after the workshop. In order to achieve maximum impact, each senior leader was charged with coaching and mentoring 3 or 4 other key personnel within their organization. Since the initial launch, which included 30 of Mayo’s most senior physicians and administrators, over 150 leaders have been through the program and, in turn, coached and mentored over 450 Mayo personnel.