Why Leadership Development and Coaching?

We believe that people at all organizational levels can significantly enhance their leadership effectiveness through the study of advanced leadership concepts, direct feedback, intense learning experiences, accountability-based coaching and personal reflection.

During our facilitator-led workshops, personalized coaching programs and online learning applications, we educate, train and coach leaders to use their natural talents to dramatically accelerate their personal and professional development. Our work is distinguished by program graduates who are fully equipped and highly motivated to make an immediate significant impact on their teams and organizations.

Our clients believe that great leadership development is key for business performance.

We work best for clients who believe that great leadership is a key driving force in their organization and that leadership is everyone’s business. They believe that leadership development is a career-long endeavor and provide their leaders with challenging experiences, leading-edge education and an environment of coaching. They hold their leaders accountable to create exceptional alignment, engagement, innovation and productivity throughout their organization or business.

What separates Bluepoint from other leadership development companies?

We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes, at all levels, to build better leaders – leaders who will have an impact today and build a talent pipeline for tomorrow. Our team designs and facilitates workshops and coaching programs that graduate leaders who have the head to think for themselves, the voice to inspire their organization, the heart to serve others and the courage to act when others will not.

After 27 years of developing leaders in organizations throughout the world, our workshops and coaching programs are recognized by many as simply the very best available today. We provide complete leadership development solutions that include design, preparation, workshops, assessments, blended and rapid learning, coaching, virtual classroom and a full range of support tools and resources. Graduates of our programs universally report that their participation in a Bluepoint program had a profound effect on them personally and was one of the most important development experiences of their career.

“Bluepoint demonstrated a true desire to develop leaders.”

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“In my 36-year career with American Airlines, US Airways and now, the new American, there are a couple of projects that stand out as the pinnacles of my career. Going for Great: Airport Leadership Program is one of them. What started with a simple text from my boss asking me to be the executive sponsor concluded with a ground-breaking, best – in – class leadership experience. We partnered with the Bluepoint Leadership Development team who helped us create the 3-day program that provided our front line leaders with simple and practical leadership tools. The Bluepoint team was one of the best vendor partners I have ever worked with in terms of quality of content and design, classroom delivery, follow-up support and all aspects of customer service. They demonstrated a true desire to develop leaders who will help inspire their teams to restore American to Greatness.”

Bob Ciminelli Executive Vice President , American Airlines