Unleashed! The Leader As Coach


Imagine for a moment that you are the kind of person who insists on seeing the greatness in others, challenges them to live up to their own high standards, and holds them accountable for outstanding performance every day of their work life. You have just seen yourself as a coach! Today’s fastest growing human resource development process is coaching. Why? Simply because it works. In this thought provoking book, Gregg Thompson argues that leaders need to step up to a new role in order to win the war for talent… a war that can be fought and won within organizations.

Coaching is no longer the sole domain of external professional coaches. Leaders at all organizational levels are being asked to be more coach-like with their team members, colleagues, and even their customers. Unfortunately, many of us who lead organizations find ourselves ill-equipped to provide such coaching. It’s not that we lack the requisite interpersonal and leadership competencies, but that coaching requires us to engage in uniquely challenging relationships and conversations. Unleashed! will not teach you to do coaching because coaching is not something that is done to other people. Instead of prescribing the usual hackneyed steps of giving feedback, action planning, and managing performance, Gregg Thompson and Susanne Biro have collaborated to create the Great Expectations Model of coaching. This model challenges us to become the kind of person from whom others genuinely want to receive coaching, to create relationships that confront real issues and to engage in performance-changing conversations. Their remarkably simple and straight-forward process draws upon the timeless approaches employed by great coaches and leaders within organizations, and also incorporates the very best practices employed by professional coaches. This book asks you to take a long, hard look at your one-on-one leadership and dares you to step past conventional interpersonal and managerial practices into the world of the coach.

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