Leading with Passion


Energize any team meeting or training session with this great passions identification exercise. The Leading with Passion card sort gets participants quickly engaged in the learning process and immersed in profound conversations about what’s most important to them in their work and in their leadership roles. The easy-to-use card deck is often used early in workshops however this is definitely not an ice-breaker but, rather, it is a profound educational experience that will form a highly-personal foundation for the learning to come. Once participants identify their most important passions, they engage in coach-like conversations aimed at exploring ways in which these passions can inject energy and commitment into their leadership. Always a big hit with participants and a great take-away for their teams.

Leading With Passion and The Values Identification Exercise are very similar and we recommend that you use only one with your team.

Time Required: 60 minutes.

  • What's Included:
  • Passions Card Decks (10 decks)
  • Participant Notes (10 brochures)
  • Facilitator Instructions (1 copy)