Leader As Coach Inventory


The Leader as Coach Inventory (LCI) was created to provide leaders with specific, direct feedback that they can use to immediately increase their coaching effectiveness. An easy-to-read, confidential, anonymous report is generated which presents invaluable quantitative and qualitative information collected from selected observers. This report details how frequently others see the leader engaging in practices that are directly related to coaching success. It also presents candid commentary on how the leader has functioned in a coach-like manner and how they can best use their natural talents to become a better coach.

Coaching is one of the most critical elements for today’s leaders. Bluepoint research has shown that the leaders who excel at coaching distinguish themselves by having great expectations for all others with whom they work and consistently demonstrate the three dimensions of Character, Connection and Conversation in their interactions with others.

They earn the right to coach others by being clear on their personal values and acting in ways that are consistent with these values, exhibiting a unique blend of confidence and humility gained from a high level of awareness of their personal strengths, and managing their interpersonal needs to ensure that all coaching is done in the service of the person being coached.

They establish unique relationships in which others are appreciated for their very best attributes, confronted with their current situation and possibilities, and held accountable to perform at their very best.

They engage in conversations that focus on exploring aspirations, values and the current situation, generating new possibilities and opportunities, and forging new action plans and accountabilities.