Leadership Emotional Intelligence Assessment


The Leadership Emotional Intelligence Assessment (LEQ) was created to provide leaders with anonymous, confidential feedback on their interpersonal effectiveness, leadership impact and development opportunities. Leadership emotional intelligence is the primary determinant of a leader’s ability to effectively influence others. It involves recognizing one’s own emotions in a wide variety of interpersonal circumstances, responding to these emotions in ways that vitalize one’s leadership, understanding and relating to the emotions of others, and being a positive, energizing force within the organization. In short, individuals with a high LEQ are adept at embracing the power of emotions (theirs and those of others) and using this power to fuel their personal leadership effectiveness. The good news is that LEQ can be readily developed when leaders are aware of their current level of emotional intelligence and related competencies. This process is best started by measuring one’s level of leadership emotional competency through objective self-assessment and feedback from others. This is the purpose of the LEQ Report.