A Leadership Legacy


At the end of your career, wouldn’t it be great to look back and say “I did it my way…and I wouldn’t change a thing?” Somewhat surprisingly, when most people retire and look back over their careers, they rarely focus on sales targets achieved, new products developed or markets penetrated. These are all important aspects of one’s business career, however we usually take the most pride in how we have influenced others. In short, we look at our track records as leaders and ask ourselves if we put an indelible mark on the careers and lives of others. Are people better in some way because of us? This workshop is designed to help participants consider their long term goals and draft plans to create a legacy for which they will be most proud.

  • What's Included:
  • Sample Participant Kit
  • Facilitator Guide
  • PowerPoint® slide deck
  • What's Included:
  • Participant Guide (10 guides)
  • Leadership Lessons Stickers (2 decks)
  • Leadership Image Deck (3 decks)