Order your Leadership Workshop Materials.

Leaders today need to be constantly learning and developing in their roles as team leaders, visionaries, and strategic thinkers. This is the key to organizational growth. How do leaders do this? They do this by continually empowering themselves with impactful leadership resources that will give them tools to serve their organizations in deep and profound ways.

Leadership Express Series

These are comprised of short, yet highly impactful workshops designed to provide participants with leadership practices, tools and methodologies which they can immediately use on the job.

Leadership Assessments

Bluepoint’s Leadership Assessments serve to document feedback, knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs. The core component of these assessments is a series of 30-40 behaviors that are closely associated with leadership success. All of this is very valuable information when considering how to develop the perspectives, competencies and approaches that will increase the effectiveness of leaders at your organization.

Unleashed! The Leader As Coach

Imagine for a moment that you are the kind of person who insists on seeing the greatness in others, challenges them to live up to their own high standards, and holds them accountable for outstanding performance every day of their work life. You have just seen yourself as a coach!

Experiential Exercises

The Experiential Exercises are drawn from the best of Bluepoint’s leadership workshops and are ideal additions to dramatically increase the level of engagement and learning at any meeting, training event or conference. The exercises are easily facilitated but are not simply ice-breakers.