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The Bluepoint Leadership Pipeline

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Leadership Levels

  • individual-contributor.jpg

    Individual Contributors

    may not have positional authority or a formal leadership role, but these people are expected to perform, contribute and influence in a leader-like manner.

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    Emerging Leaders

    are at an early stage in their careers. They have been identified for their leadership potential and aspirations.
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    Team Leaders

    are typically mid-level managers making the transition from tactical to strategic leadership. Their focus is shifting beyond functional responsibilities to the overall organizational issues.
  • senior-leaders.jpg

    Business Leaders

    manage divisions or business units. In addition to their operational responsibilities, they are responsible for enterprise-wide opportunities and challenges.
  • executive-leaders.jpg

    Enterprise Leaders

    operate at the strategic level of the business. They are responsible for crafting and executing your organization’s business model.

The 10 Bluepoint Leadership Workshop Distinctions

Our workshops are known for:

  1. Great Expectations

    We set the bar high. We expect workshop participants to dramatically accelerate their development as leaders. Our programs are not “leadership tune-ups” but rather transformational experiences that produce extraordinary leaders.

  2. Research-based Content

    We have identified the specific leadership behaviors, practices and approaches that are known to generate the most valued organization outcomes (e.g. alignment, engagement, retention, innovation and productivity) and have incorporated these directly into the design of our workshops.

  3. Impact on Business Results

    Participants identify their most important business and leadership challenges, and focus directly on developing the skills, practices and approaches that will have the most immediate and significant impact on their business results.

  4. High Engagement

    Our workshops employ a wide variety of novel educational processes including videos, stories, presentations, competitions, debates, print materials and experiential exercises...all designed to maximize participant engagement.

  5. Personal Growth

    The best leadership development starts with personal development. Workshop participants are afforded the opportunity to share their own leadership stories that have grown out of their unique life experiences, and, while being introduced to a suite of advanced leadership concepts, are challenged to craft new and substantially bigger personal leadership stories.

  6. Feedback-Rich

    Confidential assessments, peer conversations and facilitator coaching create a feedback-rich environment which greatly enhances individual learning and stimulates personal change.

  7. Building on Strengths

    Our workshops are based on the principle that each participant has unique, untapped strengths and gifts, and the primary objective of the workshop is to challenge participants to identify, cultivate and capitalize on these strengths.

  8. Intense Learning Experiences

    We consider our workshops to be learning laboratories in which participants are confronted with rigorous, “here-and-now” leadership challenges and are provided numerous opportunities to experiment, in real-time, with proven leadership behaviors, practices and models.

  9. Potent Cross-Training

    Our workshops employ a proven “cross-training” development methodology that incorporates a wide variety of robust instructional design elements such as peer coaching, private reflections, individual declarations, and action-learning.

  10. Making the Learning Stick

    All workshops are supported by a twelve week follow up support program featuring weekly leadership lessons (sent by email) and webinars. Application Coaching whereby each participant receives a series of coaching sessions to help them apply the learning back on the job is an additional option.