The Bluepoint Coaching Process

Lead⋅er⋅ship Coach⋅ing (n)

Creating superior leaders by challenging clients to identify ways they can increase their personal leadership impact and take immediate action to positively affect themselves and those around them.

~Bluepoint Leadership

Bluepoint provides clients with the very best in leadership coaching. We focus on one thing: helping our clients dramatically accelerate their development as leaders. Our work extends far beyond simply providing leadership tips and advice; we challenge our clients to do a deep self-examination, seriously consider multiple sources of feedback, adopt high-impact leadership practices and make the personal changes necessary to step up to a whole new level of performance as a leader. We are not therapists, counselors or life coaches. We do not provide guidance on personal relationships or balanced lives.  We are neither sounding boards for the myriad of organizational problems nor scratching posts for complaints about office politics.  We are single-minded in helping our clients identify ways they can increase their personal leadership effectiveness and take immediate action to make this happen.

An Intense Process

We expect (and assist) every coaching client to create an ambitious leadership development plan early in the coaching process. We believe that the coaching process is best used to help leaders make a major shift in their performance rather than a minor tune-up.

 At Bluepoint, we begin every coaching assignment with five critical questions for our clients:

  1. What are your team’s or organization’s most important business challenges and opportunities currently and in the near future?
  2. What are the three most important drivers that contribute to your team’s or organization’s success?
  3. What improvements in your team or organization will have the most impact on these drivers?
  4. What are you prepared to learn, invest, risk and sacrifice in order to make these improvements?
  5. How will you know when you have significantly lifted your performance as a leader?

    (Note: It is not unusual for the answers to the above questions to change several times over the course of the coaching assignment.)

The answers to these questions form the framework for the coaching relationship, ensuring a direct link between developing leadership capability and achieving business results.

Coaching assignments are typically six months in duration with one-hour coaching sessions occurring each week, often via telephone. Our leadership coaching assignments require leaders to make a significant commitment of time and willingness to learn and grow.

Bluepoint coaches guide leaders through a demanding process of assessment, exploration, action planning and execution. A coaching program can be structured in a variety of ways, but typically takes the form of:

  • a ½ day, in-person meeting between the leader and the Bluepoint leadership coach to set expectations, agree to coaching parameters, review 360 and other feedback, and begin to construct a leadership development plan,
  • a series of assessments including a 360 report (usually The Leadership Essentials Inventory – LEI), The Leadership Report (a synthesis of MBTI and FIRO-B results) and a suite of interviews with managers, colleagues and team members (usually conducted by the leadership coach),
  • a weekly, one-hour coaching conversation that addresses progress made (or not made) during the previous week, ways to incorporate new, advanced leadership practices into the leader’s day-to-day interactions with others, and commitments for the ensuing week, and
  • upon completion of the coaching assignment, a guided discussion entitled Making Great Leadership a Habit that is designed to help the leader sustain the behavioral changes made through the course of the coaching process.

While the agenda of our leadership coaching programs is tailored to the specific aspirations, strengths and development needs of each leader, our coaches continually challenge leaders to address four critical dimensions of their work:

  1. Leadership Brand “Are you demonstrating the stature, character and values necessary to lead?”
  2. Talent Development – “Are you coaching others for high performance and career success?”
  3. Team Innovation – “Are you stimulating creativity and positive change?”
  4. Organization Alignment “Are you communicating to create alignment, commitment and engagement?”

In the course of the coaching program, leaders are encouraged to create practical action plans for each of these four dimensions and to seek out, each week, opportunities to experiment with and make habits of new, advanced leadership practices.

Learning Application Coaching…encouraging accountability

Following any of our workshops, graduates have the option of engaging in three Learning Application Coaching sessions, either individually or in trios, with a Bluepoint Leadership Coach who will help them identify and commit to courses of action they can take to immediately apply their new, personal learning in their work. Workshop graduates consistently report that these three sessions were the most important factor in making their learning stick and helping them lift their game permanently as leaders. The first session is aimed at helping graduates clarify and commit to specific behavioral changes, the second is used to find ways to accelerate the development process and the third focuses on creating sustained, new leadership habits.   

Exceptional Coaches…

Bluepoint’s cadre of outstanding leadership coaches are the best in the business. All are seasoned professionals with deep corporate experience and broad leadership development experience. The typical Bluepoint Leadership Coach is ICF-certified, has an advanced degree, extensive managerial experience and an overwhelming passion for coaching.

Our coaches work globally, and on any given day could be coaching a banking executive in Munich, a mine manager in Peru, an IT executive in Bangalore, a regional sales manager in Shanghai or a CFO in New York City. Based in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, we have coaches fluent in all major world languages including Mandarin, Spanish, English, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese, Japanese, and German. All are experts in Bluepoint’s powerful Cross-Culture Coaching Program

Your Coach

Bluepoint coaches are simply the best in the business. They are experts in advanced leadership practices and have deep experience in one-on-one coaching.

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While coaching is a highly effective way of accelerating your development as a leader, it also represents a significant investment of time and money. Here are fourteen ways to get the most out of your leadership coaching experience.

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What To Expect

Bluepoint coaches guide leaders through a demanding process of assessment, exploration, action planning and execution. A coaching program can be structured in a variety of ways, but typically takes the form of:

  • a six-month program during which leaders will invest the time and energy necessary to significantly increase their leadership effectiveness,
  • weekly, one-hour coaching sessions, most via telephone, and
  • the creation of a challenging leadership development plan that will guide the coaching discussions and set out the standards to which the leader will be held accountable.

At Bluepoint, we begin the coaching process with answers to four critical questions:

  1. What are your organization’s most important business imperatives this year?
  2. What are the most compelling changes you would like to make in your personal leadership this year?
  3. How will you know that you have achieved your success goal?
  4. Who are the people in your organization who will be most affected by these changes?

The answers to these questions form the framework for the coaching relationship. They ensure a direct link between developing leadership capability and achieving business results.

Bluepoint's 10 Coaching Distinctions

  1. We focus on one thing and one thing only - helping you significantly accelerate your development as a leader.

    We are not therapists, counselors or life coaches. We do not provide advice on personal relationships or balanced lives. We are neither sounding boards for the myriad of organizational problems nor scratching posts for complaints about your unappreciative boss. We are single-minded in helping you identify ways to increase your impact as a leader and taking action that will make this happen.

  2. We expect great things from you.

    We are not here to help you craft a stunning slide deck, fine tune your personality or select your next power suit. You will not be coddled by our coaches. We will challenge you to engage in a rigorous process of honest self-assessment, deep personal exploration and highly-committed action planning and execution. We expect you to make a major shift in your performance as a leader and invest the time and effort required to do so.

  3. We only work with successful leaders.

    If you are failing miserably as a leader, Bluepoint coaching is not for you. We do not do remedial coaching. That being said, we will encourage you to let go of those much-loved behaviors and attitudes that may have made you successful in the past but are likely holding you back from achieving your next chapter as a leader.

  4. We are your most ardent and fierce advocates.

    Everything we do from confronting your assumptions to identifying your underused strengths is done in service of you and your career. We are unwavering in seeing your potential for extraordinary leadership even if sometimes you do not. We will confront you when you sell yourself short and will settle for nothing less than your very best as a leader.

  5. We insist that you always move forward.

    Becoming a better leader is a difficult journey. You will experiment with new leadership concepts, test your values and reframe old relationships. You will certainly stumble along the way. Criticism, self-doubt and failure will haunt you but you will reflect, learn from the experience and keep moving forward.

  6. We tell you things others will not.

    Without increased self-awareness, leaders cannot grow. Substantial, sustained development can occur only in an environment that is rich in feedback. This is pretty obvious. Here is the tough part: You are wrong! No matter how self-aware you think you are, your perception of your leadership impact is wrong…to some degree. We help you gain a fresh perspective by providing you with the sometimes-hard-to-hear, raw, unvarnished feedback that is nearly impossible to obtain from those with whom you work every day. While we use very potent 360 degree assessments and other forms of formal organization feedback, we are particularly generous with our personal reactions, feelings and critique.

  7. We are not easily impressed.

    Save your time and energy for more fruitful pursuits. Don’t bother trying to impress us with your strategic thinking, articulate speech, creative mind and personable nature. Those are all nice traits and abilities, however, we believe that leaders are measured by only one thing: their positive impact on their teams and organizations. Do others perform at a higher level because of you? Are they more aligned, engaged, committed and innovative? Do they produce more? Are they better leaders because of you? Show us a marked improvement in these things; then we will be impressed!

  8. We rarely provide advice or recommendations

    We consider our workshops to be learning laboratories in which participants are confronted with rigorous, “here-and-now” leadership challenges and are provided numerous opportunities to experiment, in real-time, with proven leadership behaviors, practices and models.

  9. Potent Cross-training.

    While we respect the vast amount of research and writing in the field of leadership, we are not going to refer you to a best-seller promoting this month’s nifty, five-step leadership model that promises to turn you into a remarkable amalgam of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jack Welsh and Mother Teresa overnight. What we will do, however, is to continually ask you the four timeless questions that all leaders must confront:

    1) Have I really earned the right to lead?

    2) Do I help others to perform at their best?

    3) Is my team extraordinarily innovative?

    4) Do I create alignment throughout my organization?

  10. We have dangerous conversations in the crucible.

    Most coaching programs offer you a safe environment in which you can freely and confidentially discuss a wide range of issues. On the other hand, Bluepoint coaching sessions are distinctly “unsafe” and, in fact, are quite dangerous. Not dangerous because you are at risk of being hurt but, rather, because these are crucibles in which unimportant issues are quickly burned away and full attention given to those that are most important to your success as a leader. It is in these crucible conversations that leadership passions are renewed, failures are forgiven, legacies are planned, relationships are reframed and careers are redirected.