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    Bluepoint and Marshall Goldsmith proud to launch BreakOut! - Become the Leader of the Future Today

    2014 Workshops:

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    “Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them to become what they are capable of being.” ~ Johann W. Von Goethe

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    Personal Values Identification Exercise

    This highly-engaging card-sort/conversation exercise is a superb coaching, team and leadership development experience for individuals at all organization levels. The Personal Value Identification Exercise is designed to help workshop participants rapidly identify their most important values and explore, in small group conversations, the impact of these values on their work, careers, relationships and leadership styles. .

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New Video - Heroic Leadership

New Video - Heroic Leadership

Joseph Campbell was a renowned scholar of mythology and throughout his life, Campbell studied the mythology, legends, and stories from civilizations and cultures around the world. Within them,... Read more

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Bluepoint focuses on only one thing: developing leadership talent. Bluepoint-trained leaders have a distinct competitive advantage. They are highly-skilled coaches, communicators and innovators who see every conversation, every team meeting and every presentation as an opportunity to create extraordinary alignment, engagement and commitment. Bluepoint’s leadership programs set the gold standard in the industry today and have received top accolades and awards from HR.com, Leadership Excellence Magazine, Bersin & Associates Learning Leaders, and TrainingIndustry.com